11 Best Beaches in Bali For Swimming

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali

Lets all agree on one thing – as much as Bali is overflowing with picturesque views and insta-worthy shots, among the most alluring places that scream “Bali” are its world-famous beaches. There is a plethora of things to do at these sun-kissed shorelines but with so many types of beaches, it may be hard to decide which ones are best suited for a certain activity.  So if you are up for some swimming in crystal clear waters while soaking in the beauty of Bali, this article is for you!

We have categorised them into regions – north, south, east and west – and listed out other activities around the area that you can complete the day’s itinerary with. YOU’RE WELCOME


BaliGetaway recommends 11 Best Beaches in Bali For Swimming



South Bali Beaches best for swimming


1. Jimbaran Beach

 Home to many luxury resorts, Jimbaran Beach is without a doubt one of the more popular beaches in Bali. Sheltered in a bay, the waves are gentle and at low tide, you can walk quite a distance making it suitable for swimming not just for adults but for kids as well. But of course, the best parts of this beach are the well-known gorgeous sunset and delicious seafood that you can enjoy while seeing it as the shallow water casually laps in at your feet every now and then.

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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2. Nusa Dua Beach

Another popular destination, Nusa Dua Beach has crystal clear waters with calm waves and low currents, making it suitable for swimming. Better swimmers or surfers can also go further in to catch the higher waves.

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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3. Geger Beach

The Geger Beach the consensually nicer and quieter end of the Nusa Beach is just as inviting with a reef at the deeper end if you are up for a mini adventure.

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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4. Padang Padang Beach

Although relatively small, Padang Padang Beach became popular following its ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ fame. Starring Julia Roberts, the movie revealed this hidden paradise of beautiful white sand and turquoise waters ideal for swimming and enclosed by rocks. With a narrow cave-live entrance, Padang Padang Beach and its small caves also offer an optional exploration activity (it is almost romantic!) making the experience at this beach a unique one.

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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5. Pandawa Beach

 It is with good reason that this beach has a reputation of always being crowded; The white sands, gentle waves and debatably prettiest waters in Bali makes this beach more than suitable for swimming and overall irresistible.

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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6. Melasti Beach

Formerly a private beach meant for prayers, Melasti Beach is a newly-public beach of Uluwatu. This only means one thing – not many people know about this beauty of a beach! Many who have been there raved about the captivating views and cleanliness of this untouched beach. At low tide, this beach would give an incredible swimming experience. The beach is still relatively a secret with many locals going there rather than tourists, so consider yourself lucky that we told you!

Other activities: The South region of Bali is known for many other popular activities such as the gorgeous Uluwatu temples, watch Bali’s iconic art performance – the kecak fire dance – and also the array of watersports activities at the beaches.

There are also many other popular beaches nearby like Seminyak, Legian and Tanjung Benoa that you can visit. These beaches are also good for swimming but there are other factors like tide and availability of water sports in the area that you should take note of.

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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North Bali Beaches best for swimming


7. Lovina Beach

A distinct uniqueness about the northern coast of the island, Lovina Beach is known for the beauty of its volcanic black sands. But its beauty does not stop there. With mild waves and tranquil waters, this beach is lovely for some swimming as well! Lovina Beach is especially famous for the pods of dolphins that will pass through the beach at sunrise. Imagine seeing the dolphins against the gorgeous sunset as backdrop; It is an absolute picture-worthy moment (I actually used up the battery of my camera trying to capture the sunset and the dolphins, I am not kidding!)

Other activities: While there aren’t as many beaches in this region as compared to its Southern counterparts, Northern Bali still has countless breathtaking sites such as the well-known Ulan Danu Beratan Lake Temple, the Gitgit Waterfalls and Banjar Hot Springs.

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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East Bali Beaches best for swimming


8. Amed Beach

Amed Beach may be slightly far from the hustle and bustle of typical Bali, but then again, how is that a bad thing, right? Amed Beach boasts of jaw-dropping landscapes and if the crystal clear still waters great for swimming does not pull you to this black-sand beauty, Amed Beach is best known for its diving sites. In fact, there is a shipwreck not far from the shore if you feel adventurous.

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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9. Sanur Beach

Stretching for 5km on the east coast of Bali, Sanur is among the quieter beaches in Bali. Protected by a reef, the low waves make this beach ideal for families to swim and play around in. Clear waters also contribute to the overall beauty because you get to easily spot small corals and starfish that lines the beach.

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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10. Pasir Putih Beach/ White Sand Beach

Pasir Putih Beach, also known as White Sand Beach is secluded but it is nevertheless considered a hidden gem in Bali. Well-hidden, Pasir Putih Beach might require extra effort to get to but the turquoise waters lined with fine white sand will make the journey worth it. I mean, how gorgeous must the white sand there be to be named after it. The calm waves coupled with a relaxing coastal ambience will make a swim here a memorable one!

Other activities: From Sanur’s main harbour, you can get take a boat and head over to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida for a quick trip. If you have not already seen trending pictures of the gorgeous views of these stunning beaches, well, you just have to!

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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West Bali Beaches best for swimming


11. Pemuteran Beach

Known for its unique Biorock and Coral Reef (it’s the biggest artificial reef project in the world!), Pemuteran is a laid-back seaside village located north-west of Bali. There are no doubts that a diver or snorkeler can enjoy the beauty of the extensive wildlife and reef area here, but not only that, the calm waters are also ideal for swimmers. Pemuteran Beach may be a black-grained beach but the water is crystal clear!

Other activities: While the other West Bali beaches may not necessarily be the best for swimming, the beaches there – Soka, Balian and Medewi – are great if you are looking for some place tranquil to experience some quality quiet time with yourself, or if you love surfing.

If anyone were to ask you for the names of beaches that you know in Bali, most of them are likely situated south of Bali. Even so, there are of course other no-less-pretty beaches that are worth going as seen from this article. It is also good to take note that time of the year, the tide, the cleanliness of the beach and presence of boats/water sports might also affect the swimming experiences so make your own judgements before going in the water!

11 Best Beaches for Swimming in Bali
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