Bali Tours and Activities

Bali Tours and Activities. Bali Adventure Activities

This ‘Island of the Gods’ certainly lives up to its name when it comes to tours and activities. The range of activities and magnificent experience accompanying them are almost unparalleled anywhere else. There are tons of Bali tours and activities that can cater to anyone from any background, physical ability and preference. Whether it’s on land, on water, under water, on vehicles, or even on animals, Bali has it all.

Besides the entrance / attraction fees, our Bali Tours and Activities package also include the 2-way hotel transportation, equipment and even a meal (if any).

Here are our Bali Tours and Activities:


Jatiluwih Rice Terrace Tour. Jatiluwih tour bali

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces might not be as popular as Tegalalang Rice Fields, but it’s no less breath-taking and magnificent. In fact, many travelers who have been to both rice terraces, actually prefer Jatiluwih as it’s much calmer and vaster.

Rafting tour bali

Whitewater rafting in Bali is not as dangerous as it seems. In fact, with shallow rivers, protective gears, quality equipment and experienced guide, it’s one of the safest outdoor activities on the island.

Bali eco cycling tour

ABali cycling tour will give you the real taste of Bali through paths that are not accessible by cars. You will get to see how the locals in villages go about their day to day activities.

Sunset dinner cruise bali

ABali Sunset Dinner Cruise on board the Bali Hai lasts for approximately 3.5 hours. The highlight of the trip is enjoying the beautiful sunset over the ocean on board of a magnificent cruise ship.

Bali atv tour. Bali atv ride

Our Bali ATV Tour is an experiential tour that includes riding a 4-wheeler All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) across some exciting landscapes. You will ride past villages, rice terraces and forests through hills and mud.

Bali sunrise trekking tour

Although this Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour requires you to wake up really early (in the middle of the night in fact), the whole experience will make it worth the while! The exhilarating 2-hour trek and of course, the magical sunrise, will leave you breathless.

Horse Riding Bali beach. Sunset Horse Riding Bali

There’s no pre-requisite to go on our tour of Horse Riding Bali Beach. It’s a slow, relaxing horseback riding that is always accompanied by a horse guide (instructor). Another name for this tour is Sunset Horse Riding Bali as the key highlight is experiencing the beautiful Bali sunset.

Sea walker bali. Bali seawalker price

This Bali Seawalker is a simple and wonderful activity that doesn’t require you to swim or breathe underwater through an oxygen tank. You’d only need to put on a special Seawalker Helmet that allows you breath normally as you walk underwater on the seabed (only 4 metres below the surface).

Odyssey Submarine Bali. Bali Submarine Tour

While you can visit many underwater museums all over the world, nothing beats the real experience of going underwater in a Bali Submarine Tour! This is a unique underwater experience where you get to witness Bali’s underwater world without getting yourself wet at all.

bali safari and marine park tour

Located on a hill that’s sandwiched by a majestic mountain and splendid sea, Bali Safari and Marine Park is both an attraction, a safari and an accommodation. This huge park houses many exotic wildlife such as Komodo Dragons, Cheetahs, White Tigers, Leopards and many more.

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