What to do in Kintamani. How to go from Ubud to Kintamani. Bali Volcano Tour.


Situated in the Bangli regency, Kintamani is home to some of the most visited attractions in Bali. Most of them as located within the highlands of the island which makes for an exceptional visit surrounded by cool air and wondrous natural beauty. Below are some places to visit on your trip to Kintamani.


1. What to do in Kintamani Bali

Bali has many active volcanoes and Mount Batur in Kintamani is one such volcano. Despite having erupted many times, it is still a popular spot for hikers. Besides the climb up 5,633 feet, people also walk the trails to see the beauty of its lake.

What to do in Kintamani. How to go from Ubud to Kintamani. Volcano Tour - lake batur
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An eruption thousand of years ago created Lake Batur, a caldera lake on the volcano, now known as one of the largest lake in Bali. Its shape is a unique crescent and the colour of the water changes from blue to yellowish green due to the sulphur compounds that lie at its seabed. Whether you take a stroll by the lake or take a boat out, the scenic view is unparalleled.

It may be eerie to see dead bodies as part of a holiday itinerary, but Trunyan Village is a rare treat for visitors looking for an offbeat attraction. The villagers of Trunyan practise an ancient burial custom where the dead are buried near a sacred tree that absorbs the smell of corpses. Located at the foot of Mount Abang in an isolated area, visitors can meet the villagers and learn about their traditions and way of life.

A natural hot spring with a breathtaking view of Lake Batur, Toya Bungkah is a popular site for visitors looking to enjoy a hot bath. With 4 different types of pools, you can soak, swim or savour the sensation of hot water therapy in one of the best Kintamani hot springs.

What to do in Kintamani. How to go from Ubud to Kintamani. Volcano Tour -Batur hot springs
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2. How to get to Kintamani

Perama bus shuttle takes you from Kuta to Kintamani for 150,000 Rp one-way and from Ubud to Kintamani for 100,000 Rp one-way. As they have fixed morning departures, these shuttle buses are more reliable than the public transportation.

You can also hire drivers to take you directly to your specific destination in Kintamani. Kuta is an hour and 50 mins drive while Ubud is an hour away from Kintamani.


3. Kintamani volcano tour

What to do in Kintamani. How to go from Ubud to Kintamani. Volcano Tour - mount batur
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You want to get the most from your visit to Kintamani and the Kintamani volcano tour is a common package that tourist take to cover some of the best tourist stops within a day. The tour includes Mount Batur, Lake Batur, and at times additional local villages. Popular Kintamani villages are Penelokan village situated 1,500 meters high with magnificent views of the volcano and Trunyan Village for its unique burial site.



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